miércoles, septiembre 11, 2013

What's the anthem of your dreams?

Do you care about this? Do you care about your life? 
I mean, if you get furious, if you cry,
 if you really, really care about things, and people, 
and what happened and what will happen. 
Do you care if the soup is cold ir if you're getting fat or fit? 
If the sun is too annoying today or if your friend is OK.
 If you will pass the exams or study that subject in the university 
or if you have thousand of messages to answer. 
If your headphones work, if you're able to do something. 
Everything matters?
Nothing worth the effort, the tears, the cold skin?
You don't even know if your thoughts are right.
Nobody knows the truth, is it?
What the hell do you wanna do know, darling?